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Monitored Electric Fencing

Monitored Electric Fencing is a layer of multi-wire electric fencing that piggybacks off your existing fence, wall or building – meaning no additional infrastructure is required.

When triggered, the multi-wire gives off a high voltage, non-lethal shock to deter and delay potential intruders.

Then, the Electric Fence Energizer by Nemtek detects this and sends an alarm directly to your existing security monitoring company, alerting a response from the relevant team or authorities to attend to the breach.

Monitored electric fencing provides an added layer of security to your property, so you can rest soundly knowing that you and your assets are safely and securely protected.

Our monitored electric fencing has been supplied by Nemtek, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of electric fencing solutions.

Maintenance and Repairs

Beyond installation, our team is always on hand to attend to ongoing maintenance and service of monitored electric fencing, as well as repair any type of existing fencing.

Our team can respond to emergency call-outs Australia-wide within 24-hours, and repair your fence quickly and properly, to make sure you’re protected at all times.

More About Our Partner Nemtek

We are proud to partner with Nemtek, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of reliable, efficient and innovative electric fencing products. Although Nemtek are new to Australia, Nemtek have been the number one choice for protecting properties, infrastructures, correctional facilities and utilities in more than 60 countries, for over 25 years.

In fact, Nemtek’s continuous innovation and nimble response to customers’ evolving needs and wants, has resulted in trailblazing products and technologies, and has made them the global benchmark in Electric Fencing products. As a result of this partnership, Victorian Electric Fencing and our customers have and will continue to benefit from Nemtek’s extensive experience, exclusive products, and second-to-none support.

For more information about Nemtek, visit their website!

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